You might realise her commercial enterprise, Kids World Nurseries, which is currently worth a couple of million greenbacks. That’s not all, however. Plans are in full swing to peer those numbers upward thrust to a whopping $a hundred million inside the subsequent 5 to eight years.

The tale would not stop there. Khan is likewise at the helm of constructing an education empire with some other enterprise she hooked up in 2018 together with her mentor and business partner, Christine Nasserghodsi. The agency is referred to as Mirai Partners.

“My passion lies in schooling for change and gender coverage. These two are near my coronary heart and I am definitely enthusiastic about the adventure I actually have undertaken,” said Khan, co-founder and associate for two UAE-primarily based entities – Kids World Nurseries and Mirai Partners.

Khan began her entrepreneurial journey at just 24 while she became an energetic companion to a series of children’s nurseries, in the beginning started by using her mother. Ever seeing that she took over, Khan has became the company round in a big manner and these days, nearly four hundred students attend those nurseries.

Kids World Nurseries is a growing community of Montessories in the U.A.E centered on empathy, creativity and network.

“Over the beyond 10 years I actually have labored and consulted with faculties, refugee camps, think tanks, incubators, non-income and coverage makers throughout 4 continents, and five countries – the U.S, Brazil, Greece, India and the U.A.E,” she said.

“Indeed I am a millennial and thankful for the achievements in my existence up to now. But simply to assist you to know – I even have had my truthful percentage of demanding situations and it has now not been an smooth journey. It isn’t always that I turned into given the entirety on a silver platter. I even have needed to work tough to show myself,” she introduced.
The pros of being a millennial

Khan, who previously labored in Greece in early training programmes and later in Brazil where she frolicked teaching guys on sexual violence, the millennial-emphasized schooling is prime to converting lives. “You cannot call for a person to trade for the higher, it needs to be carried out thru discussion and training,” Khan said.

So whilst did it all start for Khan?

“My mother is Catholic and father, Muslim. They ran away and got married. My younger sibling and I grew up in an surroundings in which we did not pretty awareness on any religion or we did no longer have a hard and fast way of looking at the arena. I consider once I become just 12 years antique, I turned into telling my dad and mom something changed into tremendously wrong with the sector,” Khan reminisced.

Talking approximately influences, she stated, “During this section of my existence, my mother might pick up a whole lot of CDs of Oprah Winfrey for me to observe. I changed into 12 years antique and completely mesmerised by using Oprah’s oratory capabilities and her vision for the arena. Young ladies have function models – they are often fashions or actors. Nothing wrong with that. They are lovely people and are awesome at what they do. My role models have been and are Oprah Winfrey and Christiane Amanpour.”

Khan stated their impact turned into so strong that she began to think about a new world similar to they did. And it’s far one of the motives she convinced her mother and father to send her to Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. She graduated in toddler improvement and gender studies from the university.

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