“I COMPOSE inside the dwelling room,” musician Eamonn Watt says, truly understatedly whilst he sips a coffee in Mareel. “I even have a domestic studio with pretty a minimum set-up. It’s only a mouse, keyboard and virtually effective computer.”

With nine instrumental albums released on account that 2012 – a lot of which comprise admirably complex orchestral tunes – and two songs lately being delivered to a Spotify playlist with nearly 5.5 million fans, Eamonn has to be one of Shetland’s maximum prolific and beneath-the-radar musicians.

But his music is not done or recorded with actual gadgets. The residing room set-up, which has coined over a hundred songs to date, is the house to Eamonn’s musical adjust-ego, The Virtual Conductor.

The 26-12 months-vintage attracts on catalogues of sampled sounds and digital gadgets to create true and dynamic tracks, which includes the whole lot from string sections and trumpets to percussion, piano and bagpipes. It’s remarkable stuff, and it’s extraordinary to think it has emanated from a living room in Sandwick.
His songs range from stripped-returned piano lullabies to grand, 14-minute classical overtures that wouldn’t sound out of area on an epic film soundtrack.

The Tale of Buckaroo Bill, as an example, flits between galloping Western bombast and the jauntiness of reels, even as Bonhoga is a rousing eight-minute classical-themed piano serenade.

Eamonn’s penchant for virtual composition started whilst a love of tune intertwined with an interest in computer programming at faculty.

“I determined out about digital composition once I changed into in the old Anderson High School – around 2010 or 2011,” he says.

“I was doing advanced higher song. We had to, alongside your first and 2d tool, compose some thing. That’s where I observed Cubase, which is what I use to compose all of my virtual paintings, and what I found out approximately Cubase was that in place of recording a keyboard device, you can in reality simply click on and drag notes using the pencil device. I caught onto this certainly quickly.”

His first album beneath the Virtual Conductor name emerged in 2012 in the form of Bonhoga, which took Eamonn five or six months to make.

The musician, who steps far from the computer to teach drums as his day process, factors to movie soundtracks as his important source of idea – or the “atypical concepts, testimonies or pics in my head”.

He offers the instance of his song The Witches’ Brew, which “was about a witch trying to make a paranormal brew”.

Overture: Tsirk Durakov, in the meantime, won the instrumental segment of the United Kingdom Songwriting Competition a few years in the past, which attracted 8,000 entries.

So how lengthy does digital tune-making take? “It depends on the complexity of the composition,” he says.

“Usually I could make very short paintings on a piano composition, and it constantly relies upon how I experience on the day, but occasionally it’s as short as much less than an hour, or different times creator’s block receives inside the manner and it could take weeks, months or years.”

A particular attention in recent months has been trying to growth his attain on famous music streaming platform Spotify, specifically via looking to get on playlists human beings bring together.

“Some of the songs are virtually fortunate, and feature were given on a few certainly primary playlists,” Eamonn says. “The largest one I were given from that one was a 40,000 follower playlist, and that got me round one hundred streams in keeping with day.”

After this interview, though, a giddy Eamonn enters the huge league. He gets the news that of his tracks have been added to a ‘peaceful piano’ playlist curated by Spotify itself, which has almost five.5 million people following it.

Aside from the Virtual Conductor, Eamonn additionally runs the One Man Disco Band mission, which offers him a platform to carry out some of his virtual music stay.

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